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Скачать драйвер saa7131e

Описание: Скачать драйвер saa7131e
Имя файла: drayver-saa7131e

SOURCE: Hello! I have a problem- my tv card SAA7131 works

try asking microsoft if there is a solution to the drivers, or tv card manufacturer........another very silly question, does the item support radio...?
alternatively, use the provided software to run it with, could be a microsoft windows 7 bugg........always possible, its another new op system thrown out to replace buggy vista.......pity they dont get it right then release it, like most people would.......check out ya manufacturer website first, if an advent or other rebadged item, use the model code or serial to find out what it really is, then download relative drivers.......
better solution, is kworld tvbox from maplins, they dont use drivers, dont care which op sys ya using, and ya can even have picture in picture, watch the footy while chat on msn, about ya tv card being a pain.....have fun......www.maplin.co.uk order code for twin tuner digital and analogue model is A63JK
even allows monitor pass through when switched off.....wowee

Posted on Jul 09, 2010

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